On behalf of the church family at LSPC, I want to personally thank you for visiting our website.

LSPC is a simple and sacred church that is guided by the Word and seeks to be mighty in prayer and known for its love as it helps make and grow disciples. Striving to fulfill the Great Commission that Christ placed on the Church (see Matthew 28:16-20), LSPC provides opportunities for men, women, and children to practice the “Spiritual Disciplines” of:

    • Worship
    • Prayer
    • Study
    • Serving (in and beyond LSPC
    • Fellowship (in and beyond LSPC)
    • Giving (in and beyond LSPC)

We believe that establishing commitments to such actions is essential for one who wants to know, follow, and serve Jesus Christ.

One of the things that I truly love about LSPC is its willingness to build Christ-centered relationships with new people that engage our congregation. Almost instantly people are welcomed in Christ and almost instantly relationships that move beyond the walls of the church are formed. This process flows somewhat naturally from the gifts Christ has placed in this congregation. I would be willing to guess it is actually in our DNA!

Enough about LSPC, let me ask you a simple and straight forward question, “Is GOD calling you to come join LSPC in a mission that matters forever and ever?” If the answer to that question is “YES,” please reach out to me by phone (210)698-2325 or email (urbanowski1@sbcglobal.net) and I will personally help connect you into LSPC so you can GROW and FLOURISH as a disciple of Jesus Christ. However, if the honest answer to the question I asked is “NO,” I humbly pray that GOD lead you to a church were you can root yourself, GROW, and FLOURISH!

Trusting in GOD,

Wayne R. Urbanowski, Jr., Pastor